Monday, November 2, 2009

Artist? Me?

During the week of Oct. 15-Oct. 18, I was asked by 5 different people if I was an artist.  Earlier in the week, I decorated tables for our Relief Society dinner and fireside.  Later on in the week a lady saw me drawing out layouts for Christmas cards and asked me if I was a graphic artist.  I said I wasn't an artist, but that my dad is!   I told my Mom about the comments I got.  I thought if I were an artist I'd have to take classes, at least.  She said I could consider myself an artist just because I do artistic things.  She also said that lots of people don't take classes and consider themselves artists.  Hmm, that made me feel good.  Then I talked to my dad about the artist questions and the compliments I got.  My dad gave me the biggest compliment of all.  He said, "You can tell them you're more than a graphic artist, you're a graphic designer."!  I don't know if the head swell has gone down yet!  LOL!

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