Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Card Class observations

Hey, Stampin' Sisters!

We had fun yesterday and last night making cards, didn't we?  I try to make it easy on you to create your cards. So, as we progress in creating cards and exercising our brains with techniques, centering and such, here are a couple of DO's and DON'T's:

DO: Use good adhesive (tape runner, double sided tape, glue dots, red liner tape, herma fix, etc.)

DON'T: Use glue sticks---I noticed that it just causes frustration.  I only have them as a last resort if someone doesn't bring adhesive.

DO:  make the investment of good adhesive or you can buy it from me (but I am probably NOT going to buy the $1.25 tape runner any more since many of you found that it didn't last long. I will look at tape runners from JoAnn's in the future.  I will have to figure out the cost and get back to you if you go this route.)

DON'T: stop creating you own cards!  People enjoy seeing your creativity!

The following are images of types of adhesives which I recommend for creating cards.  The different types are for different card creating purposes.  Hence, bring at least two different kinds of adhesives, i.e., double sided tape and glue dots or dot roller and red liner tape.  (I advocate that you bring a little card kit with you that includes: adhesives, scissors, ruler and bone folder to make creating cards fun, efficient and MORE pleasant.)  

 Live well, stamp much, create often.  May you live long and receive many compliments on your cards!

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