Friday, November 18, 2011

November Card Club Niceties

So we had a great card club on Wednesday!  Everyone loved their new tape runner by Tombow and the accompanying refill.  I gave tips on how to conserve tape while still providing adequate adhesive.  The stampers really appreciated the tips.  I made sure everyone's tape dispenser was labeled with her name.  It was fun to see how some of the stampin' sisters came up with better ideas on how to put cards together or stamp more efficiently.  They are so smart and keep me on my toes.  Someone suggested having a raffle since everyone brought their card kit---well, at least the tape runner.  For our next card club, Wednesday, January 18, 2012, we will have a drawing AND a prize!  We'll have a drawing for all who follow my stamping blog, StamptomyLou and a prize for the best supplied card kit.  (If there's more than one card kit that qualifies, we'll have another drawing.)  It is important to read the post on how card club works so our club runs smoothly and everyone is happy, so make sure to read through the entire post...okay?  We want everyone to be happy!  Thank you for coming to Card Club/Poker Night.  You can count on a great "card game" happening at Card Club 'cause you make it happen!

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